Field Analytics
Field Analytics
Let us build and manage your data applications

Field Analytics

An Austin, Texas based consultancy providing data engineering, application development, analytics and business intelligence for mid-sized businesses

Utilizes a holistic, systematic approach which integrates:

  • astute business, financial and system analysis
  • leading-edge data engineering and software engineering techniques
  • effective project management
  • hands-on technical experience

A 22-year reputation for successful engagements

Why We Are Different

  • we build agile applications that can easily be modified as your business evolves
  • we can work with or without your internal IT group
  • we host apps in the cloud or on your servers
  • we provide long-term support for data apps (whether we originally wrote them or not)
  • we focus on requirements gathering, automated testing and project management to meet customer expectations the first time
  • we are hands-on with the latest technology and software engineering processes


Custom Data Applications:

  • applications to automate data-centric business processes
  • applications to collect data from remote IOT devices
  • applications to collect data from web APIs and web services
  • applications to integrate isolated systems
  • web database applications
  • data warehouse data capture/ETL applications
  • data reporting & visualization applications

Other services include:

  • data warehouse design
  • analytics and reporting tool package selection
  • database reporting


Field Analytics takes pride in its use of:

  • domain modeling
  • object-oriented design
  • data modeling and database design
  • asynchronous programming
  • machine learning
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) and automated testing
  • Scrum and Agile development approaches
  • Earned Value Analysis

Core Technology

Core Technologies:

  • Python
  • Docker
  • databases and stored procedures:
    • Microsoft SQL Server / Transact-SQL
    • PostgreSQL / plpgsql
    • Redshift / plpgsql
    • MySQL
    • Oracle / PL/SQL
  • cloud providers:
    • Azure
    • AWS
  • git
  • JIRA

Core Python Packages:

  • asyncio
  • attrs
  • web server frameworks:
    • flask
    • starlette
  • database interfaces:
    • pyodbc
    • aiodbc
    • psycopg2
    • asyncpg
    • aiomysql
    • cx-Oracle
  • API packages:
    • requests
    • aiohttp
    • zeep
  • flake8
  • Jinja2
  • data analysis packages:
    • numpy
    • pandas
    • matplotlib
  • testing packages:
    • pytest
    • hypothesis